Laboratory of Analyzes

Much of the analyzes are done directly at the lab of the winery by the oenologist and the Master of Chai. The different points of analysis :
  • Acidity
  • Sugar levels
  • Alcoholic degree
  • Grap SCAN
  • Carbodose
  • Clogging Index
  • Sulfites
These on-site analyzes allow us to be very responsive to events related to wine work, especially during the vintage period and allows for quick decision-making.
The Grapscan during harvesting is a key decision-making tool.
Different analytical parameters (Polyphenols index, colors, acidity, health index, etc.) allow the oenologist to direct the grape harvest to the different wine-making workshops.
We are equipped to carry out our own routine analyzes, in addition we send our wines in a COFRAC approved laboratory.
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health