Chais en Auvergne Vin St-Pourçain (75)

Raising in barrels is not traditional in our region, however the cellar raises some of its Saint-Pourçain wines in oak barrels from the Forest of Tronçais. The Forest Domaniale is managed by the NFB, it is located in our department of Allier. The world renown comes from the quality of its centuries-old oak trees, a tight wood and special species that gives exceptional quality staves. This stage can not be applied to all wines, only structured wines from selections like the "Cuvée Apogée" can be improved during the aging in barrels. Besides the evolution specific to wine, exchanges with wood play an important role in this improvement.


The ouillage: In the barrels, the wood gives its share of the angels, by evaporation. The scrape is to add wine (the same) in the barrels to avoid the air pockets (risk of acetic sting). This operation is carried out more frequently in summer than in winter.  

After aging for 12 months in barrels, the wines are assembled, filtered and packaged in bottles.


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